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Our Story

We're brothers.

We set out to arm you with everything you need to get fit and stay healthy. Whether you buy our gear or not, our hope is that you embody the Alpha Toro mindset; NO FUCKING EXCUSES. 

Take responsibility for your health, your fitness, and the choices you make.

We started with Training Shorts. Nothing fancy. Something simple, sharp, and tough-as-nails so that you can focus on what's important: putting in the work.

We believe in less is more. Our shorts aren't laser cut by some cheaply made machine overseas. They're stitched together by the hands of hard-working Americans, dedicated to quality, performance, and durability.

Our shorts will not make you stronger. They will not make you faster. They will not help you lose weight. But when you pull 'em on, you better drop the excuses and get after it.